New Infusionsoft Account

I’ve been using Infusionsoft since 2010 with my music lesson business. Actually, to say I’ve been “using it” since then is a little misleading. A better way to say it would be I’ve been paying for it since 2010. It took me almost a year to actually dive in and implement it! Back in the day, Infusionsoft was often ridiculed as “confusionsoft”.

But a lot has changed at Infusionsoft in the past 7 years. It now comes with an easy drag and drop campaign builder, WYSIWYG email editor, and dozens of pre-built email campaigns to help you get up and running quickly with marketing to your leads and following up with your clients. The team at Infusionsoft has done a lot at every turn to eliminate the confusion of the old software.

That’s why I continued to use Infusionsoft for my brick-and-mortar business and why I just signed up for a second Infusionsoft account for my coaching and consulting business.

Keep an eye out here for an in depth walk through of how I set up my new Infusionsoft account.

3-2-1 Happy New Year!

Can you believe it? 
In only 3 days we’re starting the countdown to the last 3 months of 2016! 

It may seem a bit premature, but I’m starting my end of the year reflection early and asking myself: Did you accomplish everything you wanted to this year? Did you excel beyond your wildest dreams? Or are you feeling a little defeated because 2016 hasn’t turned out the way you hoped it would? If you’re like me, it’s probably a mix. 

Here’s some good news…

There are still 3 months remaining to make a major breakthrough in your business and/or life. Now, that may not sound like much time. But a lot can be accomplished in just 12 weeks if you choose to focus on only 1 or 2 major goals. 

The trick is to be super choosy and decide right now what you are committed to accomplishing during the time that’s left in 2016. Write it down. Post it next to your mirror. Post it at your desk. Post it online. Draw a line in the sand. Tell a friend. Tell me. Make that commitment to get one or two great things done by the end of this year. 

Me? What am I committed to doing over the next 90+ days? I’ve narrowed it down to two: 

1) Burn off 20 pounds of fat.

2) Help 12 people over the next 12 weeks accomplish one of their major business goals/projects for 2016.
How about you?

If you could pick just one or two major goals to reach by the end of the year, what would they be? let me know. 

Here’s to finishing 2016 with a major win!

How to make a video slideshow with text and audio only

This video will show you step-by-step how to make a video slideshow with text and audio voice-over. It’s quick, inexpensive, and the end product is of fairly high quality. In the video, I’ll tell you what tools I use to make text and audio slideshow videos. In fact, you probably have everything you need to make one today. Check it out…

How to win Infusionsoft’s ICON Small Business of the Year Award

How did Nate Shaw of the Brooklyn Music Factory win the Infusionsoft ICON 2016 Small Business of the Year Award and a giant $10,000 cardboard check? It started 2 years earlier with a strong foundation. In this video, Nate describes the 3 stages he went through to grow his business. Nate more than doubled his student enrollment, found more free time to spend with his family, and created clarity out of the chaos in his business.

Nate’s secret weapon was a small business mentor named Matt Dolphin.

“I met Matt Dolphin in 2014 at ICON. It was my first time at an ICON event. I didn’t return until 2016. When I came back in 2016, I came back as a finalist for the small business award. And guess what? BOOM! We won ICON2016 Small Business Award.”

“He was by far the most important person I met at ICON!” – Nate Shaw

“He ABSOLUTELY helped myself, my business partner, my team, and this place… …and it translated to a win.”