How to win Infusionsoft’s ICON Small Business of the Year Award

How did Nate Shaw of the Brooklyn Music Factory win the Infusionsoft ICON 2016 Small Business of the Year Award and a giant $10,000 cardboard check? It started 2 years earlier with a strong foundation. In this video, Nate describes the 3 stages he went through to grow his business. Nate more than doubled his student enrollment, found more free time to spend with his family, and created clarity out of the chaos in his business.

Nate’s secret weapon was a small business mentor named Matt Dolphin.

“I met Matt Dolphin in 2014 at ICON. It was my first time at an ICON event. I didn’t return until 2016. When I came back in 2016, I came back as a finalist for the small business award. And guess what? BOOM! We won ICON2016 Small Business Award.”

“He was by far the most important person I met at ICON!” – Nate Shaw

“He ABSOLUTELY helped myself, my business partner, my team, and this place… …and it translated to a win.”

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