New Infusionsoft Account

I’ve been using Infusionsoft since 2010 with my music lesson business. Actually, to say I’ve been “using it” since then is a little misleading. A better way to say it would be I’ve been paying for it since 2010. It took me almost a year to actually dive in and implement it! Back in the day, Infusionsoft was often ridiculed as “confusionsoft”.

But a lot has changed at Infusionsoft in the past 7 years. It now comes with an easy drag and drop campaign builder, WYSIWYG email editor, and dozens of pre-built email campaigns to help you get up and running quickly with marketing to your leads and following up with your clients. The team at Infusionsoft has done a lot at every turn to eliminate the confusion of the old software.

That’s why I continued to use Infusionsoft for my brick-and-mortar business and why I just signed up for a second Infusionsoft account for my coaching and consulting business.

Keep an eye out here for an in depth walk through of how I set up my new Infusionsoft account.

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