Hi I'm Matt Dolphin​.

Matthew Dolphin is a business consultant ​that helps owners with ​leadership mentoring, strategic planning, systems development, and digital marketing.

​​Let's connect ​to ​learn how ​we can grow your business.

matt dolphin

"Matthew Dolphin has proven to become a vital asset in the smooth operation of our business."
- Kenneth R. Floyd, Kleaning King Inc. ​

​"​I would highly recommend Matt Dolphin to any organization that is looking for a person ​with leadership, vision, and creativity to work with their team."
- ​Dan Swanson, George Fox University

​"​I gained clarity... Matt Dolphin got me to start thinking in a very organized fashion about every facet of my business and where we needed to build systems."
- ​​Nate Shaw, ​Brooklyn Music Factory

"​​​​I found Matthew Dolphin to be a strong communicator, excellent problem solver and team player. Matthew values and achieves excellence in the projects and work for which he is responsible."

- ​​​Andrea Cook , ​​President Warner Pacific University

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​Matt possesses a rare combination of intelligence, interpersonal skills, technical abilities, and creativity. I continue to be impressed by his level of compassion, courage, and analytical skills gently and kindly applied to implement and foster growth and change. I recommend him to you in the strongest of terms.

Keri Warren

​Keri Warren

Executive Director of Technology