Reviews of Matt Dolphin

​​Below are a few of the client testimonials, letters of recommendation, and reviews for Matt Dolphin.

​​You certainly lived up to all the glowing recommendations which were given to us before you arrived. Your dependability, flexibility, professional skills, and sense of "team spirit" were welcome ingredients for this staff.

-​Art Vermillion
​Regional Minister

​Matt possesses a rare combination of intelligence, interpersonal skills, technical abilities, and creativity. I continue to be impressed by his level of compassion, courage, and analytical skills gently and kindly applied to implement and foster growth and change. I recommend him to you in the strongest of terms.

Keri Warren

​Keri Warren

Executive Director of Technology

​​In our Director Team, we have depended on Matt to keep us focused on our goals, and mission. Matt is also skilled in presenting opposing points of views in a non-threatening manner. Matt is a quality person who conducts himself with honesty and integrity.

Matt is a good communicator and is able to speak to various groups regardless of their background. I’ve seen him participate and ask good questions when dealing with technical issues, such as our network upgrade. I have also seen Matt communicate to non-technical end users in a respectful and informative way.

Matt takes the time to understand the ​client’s problem and then works with them to find a solution. He has shown skill in both one-on-one training and group training. Matt is always well prepared when he trains others and I have always been impressed with the quality of his handouts and presentations.

Matt has an intuitive ability to understand the “Big Picture” in an organization. This allows Matt to plan and make quality decisions while working on projects.

I would highly recommend Matt to any organization that is looking for a person to provide leadership, vision, and creativity to work with their team.

-Dan Swanson

​​​You will be hard-pressed to find a technology trainer, presenter, or consultant superior to Matthew (‘Matt’) Dolphin. His manner of presentation, both in one-on-one sessions and in groups, has always been easy to absorb, open and skillful in interaction, and very pleasant on a personal basis. Matt is particularly adept at putting clients at ease, helping them sense that he is there to assist their improvement (rather than highlighting his knowledge of the material). This has also proven to be the case with clients who were, at first, resistant to learning.

Kent Yinger

​Kent Yinger


​​​Matt Dolphin did an excellent job at our web camp. His knowledge and teaching manner was superior. His servant’s heart and attitude inspired us. We all learned so much from him.

-​​Jules Glanzer, President Tabor College

​​​​Matthew's ​presentation style greatly enhanced what I learned at the workshop. He organized the concepts we needed to know into subsets, and moved the class smoothly from the simpler concepts to the more difficult ones. It was evident to me that, in planning the workshop, Matthew had thought about how the workshop participants themselves would best understand.  I could tell that he truly enjoyed sharing his knowledge with others. The handouts he designed and gave to the workshop participants are an excellent resource, and I continue to use them.

-​​​Joy Alayne Rose, Butler College of Education

​​​​​I have had the good fortune of being on the receiving end of Matt’s capable service. Matt Dolphin served in a variety of ways with extraordinary consistency and poise, even during some rather turbulent times when several major projects were underway at the same time. Matt demonstrates exemplary interpersonal skills as well as the technical know-how to achieve the objectives of his position with skill and efficiency, which, in my estimation, is a rare and most desirable combination of qualities. I enthusiastically recommend hime without reservations.

-​​​​Dr. Charles Conniry Program Director

​Matt Dolphin has proven to become a vital asset in the smooth operation of our business.

-​​​​​Kenneth R. Floyd, Project Manager Kleaning King Inc.

​​Matt Dolphin obviously has the gift of teaching and the rare ability to explain things to “non-techies”. I’ve heard great comments about the workshop! Thank you for the time you took to prepare and present, and for the great job you did! My sincere thanks,

-​​​​​​Merilyn Aldy

​​​​Matt is very intelligent. His demeanor is confident but not at all overbearing. He respects his clientele and meets us where we are.

-​​​​​​​Charles Kamilos , ​​​Head of Library Technical Services

​​​I found Matt to be an intelligent, well informed, and helpful colleague. He taught me how to do various processes instead of just doing them for me. That was especially useful, as I was later able to assist others with the same questions I had had.  Matt has a positive and friendly personality. He is easy to get along with and is a team player. He enjoys working one-on-one as well as with groups. He teachers well, communicates clearly, and plans his work effectively.

-​Dr. Thomas F. Johnson