​About Matt Dolphin

Matthew Dolphin helps leaders and their teams grow beyond current challenges and the status quo. Businesses and organizations of all types and sizes depend on Matt's knack for exploring the BIG Picture, challenging assumption, connecting the dots, and discovering creative solutions.

If you want to gain clarity, develop a sound strategy, and implement a plan to take your organization,  to the next level, contact Matt Dolphin today.

Matthew Dolphin and Simon Sinek

Matthew Dolphin with Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why and Leaders Eat Last.

Matthew Dolphin with Seth Godin

Matt Dolphin with best selling author Seth Godin.

Matt Dolphin with Nate Shaw

Matthew Dolphin with Nate Shaw, CEO of Brooklyn Music Academy and winner of the ICON small business of the year award.

​Matthew Dolphin has an intuitive ability to understand the “Big Picture” in an organization. This allows Matt to plan and make quality decisions while working on projects. I would highly recommend Matt to any organization that is looking for a person to provide leadership, vision, and creativity to work with their team.

-Dan Swanson

​​​You will be hard-pressed to find a technology trainer, presenter, or consultant superior to Matthew (‘Matt’) Dolphin. His manner of presentation, both in one-on-one sessions and in groups, has always been easy to absorb, open and skillful in interaction, and very pleasant on a personal basis. Matt is particularly adept at putting clients at ease, helping them sense that he is there to assist their improvement (rather than highlighting his knowledge of the material). This has also proven to be the case with clients who were, at first, resistant to learning.

Kent Yinger

​Kent Yinger


​​Matthew, You certainly lived up to all the glowing recommendations which were given to us before you arrived. Your dependability, flexibility, professional skills, and sense of "team spirit" were welcome ingredients for this staff.

-​Art Vermillion
​Regional Minister

​More About Matthew Dolphin

In addition to his management consulting work at Growth Bridge, Matt also founded the Oregon Music Academy with his wife Renee. OMA provides kids with guitar lessons, piano lesson, and music classes near Portland, OR. Mr. Dolphin is a professional singer who has performed classical, opera, and jazz music with local ensembles like the Portland Opera and Oregon Symphony as well as several tours of the East Coast and Europe.

During the early dot-com era (when Netscape ruled the web), Matt Dolphin trained thousands of students and faculty to use technology at Butler University and George Fox University in his role as Director of Academic Technology.

Matt enjoys hiking and exploring the outdoors. When he’s not plugged in, you can find him climbing mountains with his ham radio (KF7HIZ) for Summits On the Air, backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail, or volunteering to build and clear trails with Oregon Trail Keepers and PCTA.

During the weekends, he wrestles gophers in his vegetable garden and labors in his small vineyard in a never ending quest to make the perfect bottle of Pinot Noir. 

He's also the Dad to two kind, creative, smart and adventurous boys, Max and Sam.

Matthew Dolphin with Family

Matthew Dolphin with Sam, Renee, and Max.

Matt Dolphin in Tillamook Forest

Matt Dolphin hiking in the Tillamook Forest, Oregon

Matt Dolphin using Crosscut Saw

Matt Dolphin volunteering to clear trails with a crosscut saw.

Matthew Dolphin Singing

Matthew Dolphin singing